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About the Company

SongCatalog Inc. launched its online service in the spring of 2001. The site was designed to connect publishers, labels, independent artists and producers with companies looking to license music for commercial use. Since its inception the company has continued to evolve both its "on" and "off-line" services in order to keep pace with the continuous changing industry landscape.

Our mission is two fold: (1) to provide record labels, music publishers and artists with the services and resources required to maximize exposure and licensing opportunities. (2)  to provide ad agencies and music supervisors with innovative services designed to offer a more convenient way to access more music options than ever before.

The SongCatalog team brings a combination of technology, music business and licensing expertise to ensure our clients get the services they need. We do not believe in a one size fits all approach to licensing. Each industry, company and circumstance is different and this is reflected by our personalized approach. We understand the importance music licensing plays in today's media industry and recognize the need for easier access to more music.

SongCatalog works with a wide variety of clients from Ad Agencies, Film and TV Music Supervisors, Record Labels, Music Publishers, Indie artists and Producers form around the word. We specialize in connecting the right music to the right project.  The future has never looked brighter for Music Licensing and SongCatalog is ensuring everyone has access to the resources and connections available to take advantage of the growing number of opportunities.